Year 4 – Weekly Update – 25.01.19

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Over the last two weeks in maths, we have been tackling Multiplication and Division. Last week we did lots of active maths and created place value grids out of skipping ropes and used hurdle jumps to represent the decimal point. The children then wrote numbers on whiteboards and moved the numbers into the correct place value depending on whether they were multiplying or dividing by 10 and 100. In maths this week we focused on what happens when you multiply and divide by 0 and 1, before moving on to our 3, 6 and 9 times-tables. We practiced these by placing post-sticks on a ruler and gradually peeling off the ones we were confident with.

In English, we continued working on our text Aladdin. We found out that Aladdin places a magic ring in his pocket when inside the cave and Moor throws a magic powder to trap him in the cave and in our classroom this week we found a special box containing a magic ring and threw powder paint outside to help inspire our writing.

Last Friday we had our ‘Frieze Day’. The Frieze is a panel of pictures and each picture represents a different part of the bible. In Year 4 we explored the Gospel part of the Frieze. This particular section of the Frieze is made up of lots of small pictures which show what the Gospel is about. I was so impressed by the reflections and ideas the children came up and their knowledge of the different stories Jesus told and the miracles he performed. As a class, we then created our own version of the Frieze, some thought of their own Bible stories to include, and many chose to do ‘the wise and the foolish builder’.