Year 3 Update – 30th November

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At the beginning of the week we continued to learn about reflection in our Science lesson. This week we focused on using mirrors and how they reflect light. We looked at the process of reflection in more detail and considered why the properties of a mirror make it such a good reflector. We carried out an activity using the mirrors; we wrote messages to a partner on whiteboards and then used a mirror to reflect the writing, and then we rewrote the message as it looked in the refection. Our partner had to use their mirror to work out what the original message said!

In maths this week we have been learning how to add two 3-digit numbers together. We have focused on the positioning of the numbers and how important it is that we write them in the correct column, and we have also focused on the importance of showing the 1s or 10s that we carry so that we add the numbers up correctly. The children are becoming much more familiar with using the column method and I am impressed with how many Fearless Foxes have kept challenging themselves!

On Thursday, Windrush Class led Collective Worship for Year 1 and Year 2. Our theme was Kindness and during our planning session the class thought really deeply and carefully about what kindness meant to them. We began by sharing different ideas about how we can show kindness to others, for example giving someone a hug, cheering someone up and playing with someone who is on their own. We then focused on the Bible story of Zacchaeus and Jesus, thinking about how Zacchaeus wasn’t a very kind man, but as Jesus showed him kindness, Zacchaeus changed his ways. We finished our Collective Worship with some of the class sharing the Grace that they had written in their RE lesson last week. The class did really well considering we hadn’t had much time to practise!

In our History lesson on Friday we had our last lesson on Stonehenge. We looked at the order in which the stones we positioned and we used this knowledge to have a go a creating a biscuit replica of Stonehenge. The children worked really well in small groups to carefully place, balance and stick the biscuits together!