WW1 Music and Drama

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We have continued our learning about WW1 this week.

In English we have focused on Mary Borden’s poem The Song of the Mud which uses lots of imagery to describe the inescapable mud on the battlefield.  The songs we learnt in our Music lesson also helped us to think about the soldiers’ experience in the trenches, where they sang songs like ‘Stuck in the Middle’ and ‘Hush, Here comes a Whizzbang’ to keep their spirits up.  We acted out being soldiers in the trenches, using knowledge from the poems we’ve read to show how they passed their time,and we followed a graphic score to create a soundscape of the noises of the battlefield.  We also learnt about the 1914 Christmas truce where ‘Tommy’ and ‘Fritz’ set aside their differences on Christmas Day, reminding us of this weeks’ PHSE focus on helping others to feel included, which is part of our work on Celebrating Difference.  Our story also told us about conscription and the pressure put on men to sign up as the war progressed.  We acted out giving a ‘white’ feather to someone to tell them they were a coward and should have signed up.