Windrush Class Weekly Update – 8th March

It was good to get back into the swing of playing the violin and cello in our music lesson on Monday! We enjoyed playing songs that we had learnt before half-term, as well as starting to learn a new one. The children are making great progress and their understanding of musical language, beat and dynamics is really improving!

In maths we have continued with our work on Money; at the beginning of the week we carried on with our work on adding money and found that using the formal written method of column addition was our preference. We then moved on to subtracting money in preparation for next week’s work on giving change.

This week we had the second lesson of our Jigsaw topic, ‘Healthy Me’. We learnt that children should spend an hour a day being active and we thought about whether we achieve this goal and what we could do to increase the amount of time that we are active. We also set ourselves fitness challenges based on what we can do now, and what we would like to do by the end of term. For example, wanting to increase the distance that we can run, or the amount of star jumps that we can do without stopping.

We had our second swimming lesson this week; each group focused on improving stroke technique which included working on the action of their arms, legs and their breathing. I was really impressed with the perseverance and positive attitude that the children showed.

We really enjoyed celebrating World Book Day on Thursday; I was very impressed with the different characters that the children dressed up as and enjoyed hearing about their favourite books.