U11 Cokethorpe Tennis Festival

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On Tuesday 19th June, the Year 6 tennis team went to the Cokethorpe doubles festival. They did extremely well. The first match for Zac and Harry was 10-8 to the opposing team. The scores for Anna and Hana were 6-12 to them, whilst Rowan and Frida got a draw. Jack and Danny unfortunately lost. However, overall Appleton won all five rounds and came first with 221 points. Cokethorpe and Appleton played against each other to battle for overall 1st place. Sadly Appleton lost and had to settle for 2nd place. It was very close with the difference between 1st and 2nd place being only 4 points! Everyone enjoyed the competition and the delicious food provided by Cokethorpe! Thank you to Mrs Bradbrook and Mrs Bungay for taking us and supporting us.

Written by Hana and Zac