Tomorrow Starts Today! Y5/6 end of year performance

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Congratulations to Years 5 and 6 for their fantastic debut performance of Tomorrow Starts Today.

The play perfectly sums up the mixed emotions everyone feels at this time of year, especially as Year 6 think about ‘Moving on’ to secondary school, leaving primary school with many happy memories (that trip that really was ‘The best day ever!’) but ready to face all the adventures that lie ahead, knowing that ‘Everything is possible (maybe, I want to be a unicorn!’.  This play has helped Year 6 to reflect on how natural these feelings are and reassure them of how much they have to look forward to.

Thank you to everyone who made such a touching performance possible, especially directors Miss Soden and Mrs Smith, all the parents for support learning lines and providing costumes, KS2 staff for support with props, tickets and programmes but most of all to our wonderful performers!