This week in Cole Class- week ending 22nd March

Dear parents and carers,

In our English lessons this week we have finished our sentence stacking of Stardust and have begun to think about how we can write our own stories, based on the main plot points that we have explored together. The children have thought about their three characters (main character, rival and a mentor) and have also thought about the situations that might arise in the story, when the main character feels overshadowed by the rival. Next week we’ll be taking the story steps, alongside the features that I want to see in their writing, and putting this together into a detailed plan for the story. Alongside this, we’ll also be having a go at some reading comprehension work.

In maths this week we have continued our work on fractions, mainly looking at identifying equal groups, as well as identifying and finding halves. We’ve talked a lot about fractions being equal parts, and also what the numbers in the fraction mean. I have told the children that the denominator (bottom number) is how many equal parts the whole has been split into, and that the numerator (top number) is how many of those parts we are bothered about. We’ve also talked about the link between the fractions symbols and the division symbol. They’ve picked all of this up really well. Next week we’ll be building on this with quarters, as well as having a go at some arithmetic and reasoning problems, to see how the children’s skills are developing.

I hope that the seeds are growing well. I have heard that there are a few which failed to launch, so please do come and let me know if the seeds failed to germinate. I’m currently looking for the rest of the packet of bean seeds (I think that I put them away somewhere safe!) but will happily dish some more out once I track the packet down. I have given out some homework this week on looking for signs of spring in your local area. Is there any blossom on the trees, or frogspawn in your pond? Have you seen any birds carrying nesting materials, or are there any spring flowers trying to grow anywhere? We’ll be chatting about this in class on Wednesday.

It has been a real pleasure to talk to many of you at our parent/teacher meetings this week, and I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone else next week.

Mrs B

Three things to ask your child this week:

  1. Who are your characters going to be in your story?
  2. What do the numbers in the half 1/2 symbol mean?
  3. Which were the biggest areas on the Eat Well Plate that you looked at in Jigsaw time?