This week in Cole Class – week ending 15th March

Dear parents and carers,

This week in English we have continued working on our story inspired by “Stardust”. We are close to the end now, so next week we’ll be finishing our main plot points and then moving on to looking at how to use the story structure that we have explored to write our own stories independently. I’ve been really impressed with how the children are growing as writers, as they become more confident using a wider range of vocabulary as well as other features.

In maths we’ve finished off our work on shape this week, by looking particularly closely at the properties of 3d shapes. The children have practised their counting of faces, edges and vertices, and also consolidated their knowledge of the names of the shapes. It’s quite tricky to say “sphere”, but the children have tried really hard! Next week in maths we’re moving on to looking at fractions. I’ve set a little bit of homework for this, which involves looking for halves and quarters in shapes and amounts around the home, to recap the work that the children covered in year 1. You’re very welcome to print out or email in any photos of your child’s finds, and I’ll use as many as I can in lessons next week.

We loved spending time looking at all of the wonderful science projects on Thursday afternoon. I was very impressed with how the children could talk to me about their project and some of the science behind it, and I was thrilled to see such a wide variety of projects too. Congratulations to Evie M for winning the teachers’ vote, and a special well done to Karma for her exciting erupting volcano!

In our science lesson this wee we set up an experiment to find out what seeds need to germinate. The children thought that they needed water, sunlight and soil, so we are testing whether cress seeds will germinate in different conditions. We’ll let you know how we got on in next week’s update!

Mrs B

Three things to ask your child this week:

1: What did you learn about science from your box project?

2: How can we tell that Grandad cares about Mabel in “Stardust”?

3: What different type of medicines are there?