Pirates in Year 1 Evenlode Class

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What an exciting day we had in our class yesterday! It appeared that Pirates had been in school and we used our treasure maps to go on a treasure hunt on the back field. As the ground was too hard for the pirates to dig in to hide their treasure we had to look in higher places. Amazingly, treasure was found in a gold box in one of the trees! The Pirates had put in 10 House Points for each team and they had left some pencils, rubbers, badges and small toys. After some discussion, we decided that the fairest thing to do was to share the treasure out between us. Mrs Carnell was so shocked that Pirates had been in our school that we had to keep a list of all of the evidence that we had found. We made posters to put up in each classroom asking everyone to look out for any evidence of Pirates and Miss Leggett asked all of the staff to keep a look out too. Mrs Bungay had seen a red parrot fly over school earlier that day and there had been numerous sightings of Pirates around Appleton, Blackbeard climbing a tree and other small clues such as footprints and pieces of chain left from the Pirate ship. If you see any more Pirate clues then do come and let Year 1 know.