What do the Friends do?

The Friends of Appleton School is a registered charity that has been created to help raise funds for additional resource outside of the core curriculum that the school would not have the funds to purchase.

We are a friendly bunch and meet on a regular basis to organise fun and exciting events that allow both the pupils and parents alike to fully enjoy raising money for the school.

How the Money is spent…

Decisions on how the money raised is to be spent are made at meetings of the Friends. Most events are held to raise money in general and not for any specific cause. However this is not always the case.

For instance The Cook for Books cake sales held last year were specifically to raise money to buy extra books for each class. The Auction of Promises (held last year) had a pre agreed aim of funding the purchase of new laptop computer trolleys.

Some fund raising events have no fixed cause so if you want to suggest what the money should be spent on either feed an idea back to the committee, through your class rep, or come along to the meetings yourself.


What we have bought?

  • Outdoor classroom/Gazebo
  • Astro Turf
  • Playground in the Back Field
  • Playground at the front of school
  • Tyre park in the back field
  • Laptop Trolleys
  • Stage for School Hall
  • Kitchen refurbishment
  • Books., Materials & Toys for all classes
  • Shed in the back field
  • Football Kits
  • New PC/Computer Equipment
  • Donations to School for additional curriculum activities i.e The Explorer Dome


This year so far, we have paid for the Korky Paul event, a new whiteboard for the Foundation classroom and we will be paying for the Circus Workshop too.

The Friends also regularly contribute to the Residential Trip, other trip transport contributions and termly hospitality for the school, as well as donating to the Village Shop, Appleton Advertiser and the Easter Egg Hunt.