Ock Class News wb 28/1/19

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In our OAA PE lesson we practised using a compass as we followed a trail around the school grounds.  This linked nicely with our recent visit to the church where we learnt about the chancel being in the East.  While we were taking it in turns to follow the trail, we practised reading maps using 4 and 6 figure grid references.

In our English lessons this week we have started drafting reports about the different planets in our solar system that we have been researching, while in Music we started choosing instruments and ostinatos which we are going to use next week to compose a piece of music to represent our planet.

We have finished our work on written methods of multiplication and division this week and have started our next unit of work learning about fractions, starting with finding equivalent fractions.

During the afternoons, we sometimes do Active Bursts to make sure our bodies are getting a workout along with our brains.  This week we enjoyed a core strength virtual cycling video where we were reacting to all the obstacles the cyclist met on the whiteboard, including testing our suspension as we freewheeled down hill and going over jumps!  All that ‘pedalling’ certainly wore us out!