Ock Class News wb 26/11/18

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We had an exciting RE lesson this week when Reverend Ken came into school to talk to us about The Kingdom of God and how Christians put their beliefs about the Kingdom of God into practice.  Ken led a lively and engaging session which helped us to think about the decisions people make and how people choose to live their lives.

In English this week, we have finished writing a shared chapter of the Saga of Erik the Viking where Erik faces the Enchantress of the Fjord.  We have thought about how to use verbs and the senses to create setting and how to vary sentence structure to build atmosphere.  Over the next few weeks we will be writing our own chapters to add the Erik’s adventures, while in our read aloud sessions we are nearing the end of this exciting book and Erik has nearly made it safely home!

In Maths we have continued using multiplication and division to explore factors, multiples, prime, square and composite numbers, and are starting to develop our mental methods of multiplication.  These will stand us in good stead for our maths assessments next week so it would be a great idea to keep practising times tables at home!

As part of our Viking topic work we planned our own Viking menus featuring a range of dishes including fish, puffin, nettle soup and skyr (cheese) washed down with plenty of mead! We then put some Viking recipes to the test as part of our science investigations into changes of materials and spent Friday afternoon making Viking bread and shaking cream to make butter. Although we all enjoyed our Viking bread most of us agreed we preferred the variety and choice of foods we eat in modern times.