Matthew Arnold Partnership Danish Longball

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On Monday 2nd July we hosted  a Danish Longball competition against Cumnor School. Danish Longball is like a mixture of dodgeball, rounders and football, you are either fielders or a batter, although the batter used their feet, the bowler rolls the ball on the floor. You would then kick the ball and it’s first bounce had to be inside the court, only then could it go out and then you could run.

You were running to the home plate(a square of red cones) and either stay there, or run back to the batting square (yet again, another square of red cones) and then you sit aside from the batting line, you only get one go. While you are running back, the fielders try to hit you with the ball, if so, you are OUT!!! That is the brief overview of what Danish Longball is.

Anyway, back to the games. Cumnor had 2 teams, each with 7 people, team A and team B. We had one team of seven, including Joel, Jack and Luke from year 6 accompanied by TJ, Sasa, Ralph and Noah. The coach was Danny Taylor from King Alfred’s PE staff as well as being from the School Games. He was the one that taught us this fascinating sport. Against Cumnor we did rather well because we won all but one of our games.

Before we finish, we’d like thank Miss Jackson and Miss Leggett for inviting us to this awesome event. Also, we’d like to thank Cumnor School as well as Danny Taylor for coming.

This was an extravagant opportunity!

Written by Sasa and TJ