History in Action – Archaeological Excavation Trip

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Year 5 visited the archaeological excavation site at Broadmoor Field this afternoon.

We were greeted by Jane, who started off by showing us some of the fascinating artefacts that have been found at the site so far, including teeth, bones, iron age and Roman pottery and an incredibly exciting find – a delicate Roman nit comb in the shape of a bear’s claw, which had been found just this morning!

Jane then showed us where the archaeologists had discovered the remains of a Roman farmhouse in the middle of the field and where there would have been a ditch around the site.  Special aerial photos which ‘x-ray’ the ground and changes in the colour of the soil are evidence of where remains might be found; when the excavators find artefacts they need to record what has been found where with careful notes and drawings.

We then had the chance to see if we could make any of our own finds by working through the piles of soil that had been excavated by diggers.  Lots of us found fragments of pottery and bone which Jane helped us to bag up just like the archaeologists do… and then we were lucky enough to be allowed to take them home!