PGL – Raft Building

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Raft Building was one of the most popular PGL activities… and also the wettest! We started by learning how to tie figure of eight knots (make Olaf the snowman, tuck his scarf around him then poke through his carrot nose!) … Continued

PGL – Mountain Biking

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Our mountain biking session began by teaching us how to do the M-safety checks and practising our cycling, gear-changing and braking skills.  We then went out on the track around the PGL site which included obstacles like roots, bumps and burns.  While we … Continued

PGL – Giant Swing

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The Giant Swing was one of the most popular activities… once we got over the fear of being hauled up high in the air harnessed onto a swing and having to pull a string to let it go with a … Continued

PGL – Aeroball

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One of the activities we took part in was Aeroball.  Whilst on trampolines, we had to score goals in the opposite – or diagonally opposite – goals.  Rounds only lasted three minutes as all that bouncing really got the heart … Continued

Year 6 PGL-Day 2

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We have had a long but very enjoyable second day here at PGL! Each group had four daytime activities and then we all had one evening activity. Today Groups 1 and 2 had Raft Building, Aeroball, Giant Swing and Mountain … Continued

Creative Doodling

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In Thames Class we have enjoyed doing some calming ‘creative doodling’ to help us relax our minds in between all of our hard work and revision.  We start by doing one big scribble (or picture) and then fill in each … Continued

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