Year 4 Maypole

Year 4 showed many of our animal attitudes during our Maypole practises and performances. Maypole requires lots of teamwork and focus, which they worked hard to achieve – well done Year 4!  

Matching conjunctions

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We have been focusing on conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions in our recent SPaG sessions. We have been using these word types to express time and cause in our writing. In one of our tasks, we wrote sentences with conjunctions and … Continued

Meeting Tony de Saulles

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Year Four had a fantastic bookfeast trip last week. We went to St.Hugh’s College in Oxford to meet Tony de Saulles. In the weeks running up to this, we have enjoyed his new book: ‘Bee Boy’. It’s about a superhero … Continued

Map making

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Following our work on grid references, we have been learning about the functions of symbols and a key on maps. We had a go at creating our own symbols and a key for our own islands. Have a look at … Continued

Mr. Costa’s visit

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Year 4 really enjoyed having Mr. Costa (Gaby’s Dad) to visit on Friday. Mr. Costa showed us lots of images and facts about Brazil, and we learnt some basic Portuguese vocabulary. This has linked in really well with our current … Continued

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