Autumn 2 – Week 7 – The lost thing is leaving!


To round off our topic on Christmas around the world we designed and created flipflops (or as Australians would say ‘thongs’). In pairs we were given a topic to focus on; such as food, traditions, Santa clause and in our flip-flops we displayed all that we have learned about Christmas in Australia (see pictures below). We discovered that they often go surfing on Christmas day, however, sometimes it is so hot that sadly bushfires can be a problem during Christmas ‘down under’. We also learned why it is summer in Australia at Christmas, by demonstrating that the earth takes a year to orbit the sun and that due to the earth’s axis, the southern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun during the Christmas period. We also enjoyed our Christmas around the world carol service and learning the Australian version of ‘Twas the night before Christmas’.

For our last PSHE unit for this term, we explored the importance of not judging others before getting to know them. We read the story ‘A pig is moving in’ By Claudia Fries, where a pig is judged by the other animals as being messy and untidy, but soon they realise he’s not. This led to a discussion about how past experiences, stereotypes, and others can often lead to us making these assumptions about people and that it’s not the right thing to do.

In maths this week we focused on different methods of subtraction. We discovered that column subtraction is not always the most efficient as lots of carrying can sometimes be involved. Sometimes, counting on using a number line is more efficient. This led on nicely to exploring how subtraction is the inverse of addition. We rounded off this topic by giving reasons as to when and why we would use the different methods.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our text ‘The lost thing’ and as mentioned last week it has lead to fantastic creative writing. Today was our last lesson on this text, and we had a wonderful session on editing and polishing our writing as well as correcting our spelling and punctuation. We began by critiquing some of Miss Hill’s writing demonstrating that scribbling out words or changing sentences makes a good writer. We then used word banks and dictionaries to polish our own. We all worked very hard and earned 2 marbles in our treat jar.