Autumn 2 – Week 3

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We began our week with a very exciting visit from ‘The Arty-Fact Theatre Company’ who performed their fantastic production  ‘The Time Capsule 1914’ (A time capsule which was buried during the First World War has been retrieved from an old school. When opened, by two school children, the sealed container is found to contain, precious memories and unsolved family mystery).  We really enjoyed it and were talking about it all day.  This was followed by our remembrance service in church, where we performed one of the very thoughtful prayers we wrote last week during history.

In maths we started learning about adding and subtracting 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s from 4 digit numbers using place value counters, dienes, before looking at more challenging problem-solving questions. In English we continued our adventure story, we focused on using onomatopoeia, dialogue, adjectives, similes and adverbs to write effective sentences. We also began presenting the fabulous boats from our homework!

In Art, we continued designing our Ancient Egyptian pyramids and some of us had the challenge of creating a stencil to form our own 3D pyramids, this involved lots of accurate measurement and careful planning. We are very much looking forward to transferring our designs on to our clay pyramids.

In hockey, we started learning how to pass and receive the ball accurately, as well as having the challenge of dribbling the ball around cones without using the incorrect side of our stick. Our music lesson this week was ABBAsolutely wonderful as we explored ‘Dancing Queen’, and we certainly have fantastic dancing kings and queens in Year 4 this year!