Another snow day? No way!

Dear all,

The snow that was promised has finally arrived overnight, and it is too dangerous to open the school today. We hope that you will:

  • Enjoy playing in the snow
  • Make a snow angel
  • Throw a snowball
  • Make a snowman
  • Warm up afterwards with a hot chocolate

However, if you need some indoor activities, you could try…

  • Logging in the Spelling Shed, and having a go at your spellings.
  • Logging in to the Maths Shed (log in to the Spelling Shed, then select Maths- you’ll find it!) where we have set you some games to try. We have a trial of this for a couple of weeks, and want to see how it goes, so your feedback would be helpful.
  • Making a snowflake of your very own. If you need some inspiration, there are some nice templates here
  • Making a den to read a favourite book, magazine or comic inside. The cosier the better!
  • Make some simple flatbread to have with soup for lunch. I like this recipe, but when I’m making it, I fold a little grated cheese and spring onion inside it, before rolling it out to cook. It’s delicious!

I’d love to see photographs of you enjoying any of these activities, so please do email them through to the office.

The forecast looks good for the weekend, so the school should be open on Monday. We will of course let you know if that plan changes.

Enjoy your snow day, and we’ll see you next week!

Mrs B