#30dayswild in Cole Class- 7th and 8th June

Thursday 7th June: Magnifying!

Joe was keen to bring in his small magnifying glass, to have a closer look at some of the natural wonders in our back field. I took photos using an add on lens on the class iPad. Can you guess what these things are?

We also had a lovely Scarlet Tiger moth brought in by Yitak. We handled it gently before releasing it into the back field. Well found Yitak! Other children have brought in woodlice, snails and slugs.

We ahve watched two of the BBC Springwatch Wild Academy programmes. We didn’t quite have time today to watch the rest of Wednesday’s programme about birds, but if you want to catch up with it at home, it’s https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p06868m4/springwatch-wild-academy-2018-episode-3

8th June: Quiet Listening for birds

We sat outside on the astroturf just before lunchtime, really, really quietly. I asked the children what birds they could hear or see. We saw two large crows on the back field, and could hear a number of other species, including a very vocal blackbird. While we were sitting very still, a robin landed on the fence nearby. The children were amazed how close it had come to us! Itjust shows how much you can see and hear if you slow down, look and listen.