#30DaysWild in Cole Class- 12th June

12th June: Sharing our finds, feather and egg identification

There was lots of wildness in Cole Class today! Firstly, half of the class went to forest school this morning, while the other half learnt about the things that all living things have in common in our science lesson. We went outside to see what we could find to put in our three categories- living, not living anymore and never been alive. we had some great conversation about whether feathers had been alive or not.

In the afternoon the two groups came back together and we had a show and tell of some of the exciting finds that the children have made over the past few days. We had amazing feathers (including what we worked out was a tail feather from a pheasant), some exotic feathers from an unknown African bird, and also two eggs. One egg was a wood pigeon egg, and we think that other one belonged to a jackdaw. We are learning about why it is important to identify our finds and to find out more about the natural world around us.