We love Maths! Year 1 Evenlode Class

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We have had a really exciting week of maths in Evenlode Class. We have continued with our Maths of the Day (active maths) sessions and this week we have focused on counting to and across 100, both forwards and backwards, and counting on from any given number not just 0 or 1.  Mr Crook (a maths specialist) came in on Tuesday morning to lead a maths session with us. We used tens frames and Numicon to explore numbers and patterns. We thought really carefully about explaining which numbers we could see, how we knew that and how we could show those numbers using a different piece of maths equipment. We worked really hard on our counting and recognition of number and most importantly we had LOTS of fun! Nathan Crook is leading the Maths parents evening next week so do please come along if you can.