Trip to California

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We launched our new topic with a rather exciting school trip this term… At 9:15 on Friday morning we caught flight APP01 from Appleton International Airport to Los Angeles! Its a good job Air Steward Griffiths gave a comprehensive safety talk as Captain Montgomery’s landing was deemed a little bumpy, however the passengers were reassured by reliable co-pilot Woods! Once we had landed and disembarked we explored the US state of California.

In Hollywood, we filmed our own movies so that each of us can be a star on Hollywood Boulevard; we took a road trip to the Redwoods where we saw some of the tallest and widest trees in the world and we measured out the diameter of ‘The Father of the Forest’; we also spent some time chilling out on the beach (definitely ‘chilling’ on the beach in January!), surfing (on parachute waves), playing volleyball, working out on Muscle Beach and of course.. sunbathing!

As the children noted, we never took a flight home: we will be spending the rest of the term in California – it is our topic this half term.