Snow day? No way!

Snow Day- 2nd March 2018

Mrs B’s Snow Day competition

I will give a small prize for the best book themed snowman/woman/animal/whatever built on your snow day. Email entries to me via the office (

Bored? Have you tried…

  • This great Google game all about internet safety:
  • Feeling cold? Try this indoor exercise routine:
  • Curl up under a blanket with a favourite book. Here’s Mrs B’s current TBR (to be read) pile. Read some free opening chapters at Love Reading for Kids and find your next favourite book.

  • Need to keep your mental maths skills ticking over? Try this times table website:
  • In year 6? Try some spelling and grammar games to keep your SPaG skills sharp or revise some tricky mathematical concepts:
  • Or see how many points you can score on this primary maths challenge. I’ll give 2 house points to everyone who has a go, and 10 house points to the highest score! (You’ll have to get an adult to sign your paper to prove that you did it on your own and in the 45 minute time):

Enjoy your snow day, and I will see you all on Monday for our rearranged World Book Day!

Mrs B