Road Safety-Jigsaw PSHE-Year 1 Evenlode Class

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In PSHE this week we have been thinking about how to stay safe during different activities including crossing the road safely. We had to help Jigsaw Jack to learn the 6 steps in the Green Cross Code before he tried crossing the road again. We went out onto the front playground and role played crossing the road safely. We worked in pairs or small groups to practise the 6 important steps. We talked about how we need to remember to do this every time we cross a road and that it is important for both children and adults. Next time you cross a road, see if you can remember the 6 steps to being safe:
  1. Think first
  2. Stop!
  3. Use your eyes and ears
  4. Wait until it is safe to cross
  5. Look and listen (we practised doing this as we walked across the road too)
  6. Arrive alive and safely