The different types of school governor and who appoints them.

Parent governors

Parent governors are elected by and from amongst the parents.

LA governors

LA governors are appointed by the local authority.

Staff governors

The headteacher is automatically a governor and so has a vote. The headteacher may choose not to be a governor but will still retain the right to attend all governor meetings. Other staff governors are elected by, and from amongst, the school’s teaching and non-teaching staff.

Foundation governors

Foundation governors are at voluntary aided and voluntary controlled schools. They are appointed by the body (mostly the Church) named in the Instrument of Government.

Community governors

Community governors are appointed by members of the governing body. They can bring expertise found in the local community (including the business sector).

Partnership governors

Partnership governors are appointed by the governing body from nominations received from parents and other persons in the community as appropriate.

Sponsor governors

A sponsor is a person or corporate body that gives financial assistance to the school (although they are not required by law to give such assistance).