Growth Mindset

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As part of our focus on Growth Mindset, we thought about the main character from our current class text. In talk partners, we decided which animal attitudes Tom had shown us and supported our ideas with examples from the story. … Continued

Ancient Egyptian pyramids

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Year Four have been enjoying learning about the Ancient Egyptians this term. As part of our project we have been making 3D pyramids and sphinges. We started by looking at photographs of Ancient Egyptian pyramids then designed our own, incorporating … Continued

Our bug hunt

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Year 4 went on a bug hunt and each collected a bug from the back field. We had to search carefully and make sure that we remembered where to return our bugs to afterwards. Once we had collected our bugs, … Continued

Using IT within literacy

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Ock Class have been using laptops with the program Microsoft Publisher to create brochures about our school. After writing short paragraphs about areas in the school they inserted the text into the brochure programme. They used their creative ideas to … Continued

We went back in time…

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We went back in time this week to around 4,500 BC.  We spent the morning doing cave paintings, making clay jewellery and telling stories by the fire.  We gave ourselves Stone Age names and role played what our day would … Continued

Dips and Dippers

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In year 2 we have been tasting different dips and dippers as part of a cross-curricular project called “Healthy Me”. Before we design and create our own dip we needed to try some, to see what we liked! We enjoyed … Continued

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