Ock Class Viking Museum

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We always love it when the children bring in their project homework and last Thursday was no exception. We were amazed by the creativity and effort which the children had put into their projects which included Viking longboats and homes; … Continued

Autumn 2 – Week 3

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  We began our week with a very exciting visit from ‘The Arty-Fact Theatre Company’ who performed their fantastic production  ‘The Time Capsule 1914’ (A time capsule which was buried during the First World War has been retrieved from an old … Continued

Power Struggles

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In PSHE this week we thought about the ways in which one person or a group can have power over another person. We worked in groups to create a freeze frame that represented our perceptions of power. When sharing these … Continued

Apostrophes for Possession

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This week in one of our English lessons revisited apostrophes for possession. We found plural possession tricky so we made poster to display in the classroom to help us remember to rules, for plurals ending in an ‘s’ we just … Continued

Balanced Arguments

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This week we start our new English unit balanced arguments. We started off by by reading an example of a balanced argument and finding the shape (features) of the text.   Then on Wednesday the children were introduced to the title … Continued

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