We encourage growth mindset through the use of Animal Attitudes.


Bounce Back Bunny


I will learn from my mistakes and will always bounce back


Steadfast Squirrel


I will not give up


Must Do Mole


I will always try my best


Mindful Magpie


I will listen to others and understand how they feel



Bold Badger


I can use my own ideas


Fearless fox


I will challenge myself in everything they do


These six animal attitudes are fundamental to our whole school approach to teaching and learning. They relate to learning behaviours that we want to see in all our adults and children.

They are used consistently throughout the school each day and we celebrate the use of them in our ‘Celebration assembly’ on a Friday. Children who have shown these attributes receive a sticker and often share what they have done to achieve this. Each half term we choose one attribute to focus more closely on. Every week, a pupil from each class who has shown this skill receives a certificate.