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PSHE – Celebrating Difference

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This week in out Jigsaw lesson we thought about types of differences which could cause conflict e.g. race, religion, disability etc. In groups we created a story line which we told through three different freeze frames. The story line had … Continued

World War Two Propaganda

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Last week in History we learnt about propaganda and why it was so important during WW2. We looked at several examples of both British and German propaganda before having a go at creating our propaganda posters.

Double donations week on Easyfundraising

Next week (from 16th Dec) is DOUBLE DONATIONS week when you shop online using the Easyfundraising app (or atwww.easyfundraising.org.uk). Once you have registered, don’t forget to download the ‘Donations reminder’ which will pop up when you visit any site connected to … Continued

Balanced Arguement

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This week in English we continued to write our balanced arguments about whether screen use in making children lazy. So far we have written the introduction and paragraphs for and against screen use from the view points of parents, children … Continued

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