PGL – Giant Swing

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The Giant Swing was one of the most popular activities… once we got over the fear of being hauled up high in the air harnessed onto a swing and having to pull a string to let it go with a … Continued

PGL – Aeroball

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One of the activities we took part in was Aeroball.  Whilst on trampolines, we had to score goals in the opposite – or diagonally opposite – goals.  Rounds only lasted three minutes as all that bouncing really got the heart … Continued

Year 4 Maypole

Year 4 showed many of our animal attitudes during our Maypole practises and performances. Maypole requires lots of teamwork and focus, which they worked hard to achieve – well done Year 4!  

Matching conjunctions

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We have been focusing on conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions in our recent SPaG sessions. We have been using these word types to express time and cause in our writing. In one of our tasks, we wrote sentences with conjunctions and … Continued

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