Appleton Bells 200th Birthday Celebrations Project

On Thursday we had some special visitors in Collective Worship to tell us about an exciting event that is happening in the village in March, and they introduced a project that we are going to be working on as a whole school.

Roger Mitty, the Church Warden, took us on a journey back in time to Appleton in 1818! We looked at some pictures of the village and thought about what was different between then and now, especially regarding the school, the shop and the church. We found out that the lord of the manor gave six new bells to our church 200 years ago, and on Sunday 4th March there will be a special celebration in the village to celebrate the bells’ 200th birthday!

Roger then introduced us to Mark and James who are bell hangers at ‘Whites of Appleton Church Bellhangers.’ They explained the jobs of bell founders and bell hangers, showing us lots of pictures to help us understand how they repair and hang bells. Roger also explained how the bell ringers ring the bells in Appleton church; we had lots of questions about how bells work and were amazed to find out how heavy the biggest bells can be!

In the run-up to the celebration, all classes will be doing some local history work based around the Appleton bells, including trips for some classes to Whites Bellhangers and a visit to the church tower. The whole school have also been set a piece of Art Homework to create a bell based design for a mosaic or collage; one design will then be chosen to be made into a whole school piece of artwork which will be displayed at the 200th birthday celebrations.

Here are some pictures of Roger, Mark and James in assembly and a copy of the power point Roger shared with us, which may help to inspire homework designs.
Appleton Bells Assembly Slides
Bell homework Friday 18th Jan